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7th November 2015, Dashi by RMFN Read More

Support Rashmi Kharel

We still need a lot more help to get there and get her this surgery she needs. Any help is humbly appreciated. Please share our cause to get the surgery she needs. Thanks everyone!

Summer Picnic 2015 Read More

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“Bike for Nepal

Rocky Mountain Friend of Nepal (RMFN) is organizing the Road Bike Race on July 11th, 2015. It's timed race and whoever will be done by the fastest time, the position will be decided accordingly. Let RMFN know, if you would like to participate in this event. Here is the race information:

RNFN Cares!! Community Cheers !!!

How To Where To Obtain: 1) Social Security Card: 2) Identification Card ID 3) Driver Training and License 4) Information about Job Opportunity 5) School and Collage Info 6) Medical Insurance or Medical Resources Read More

Message From President

कोलोराडोवासी नेपाली समुदायको माया, सद्भाव र विस्वासको फलस्वरूप रक्की माउन्टेन फ्रेन्ड्स अफ नेपालको गरिमामय अध्यक्ष पदमा निर्वाचित हुन पाएकोमा मलाई खुशीको .. Read More

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