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Second Board Meeting of RMFN 2019


2nd RMFN Board meeting 2019-2021

Date:  Sunday,sept. 15, 2019

Place: House of President 10158 wyandott cir

Time: 4:30:00 PM -8:00PM


1.Binod Raj Traphithi President

2. Mani Raj Basnet   Vice-President

3. Binaya dahal  General Secretary

4.Geeta Chakraborty Treasurer

5.Ram Gopal Shrestha  Public Relation Officer

6.Suvkshya Nachone Technical Officer

7.Krishna kumar Ghimire Board of Director


  1. Utsuk Adhikari Cultural Secretary

  2. Jeevan krishna  Shrestha Board of Director

Agenda of the meeting

  1. About the cost and expenditure of the picnic 2019.

  2. About the Dashain Tihar festival program 2019

  3. Collection of individual and family data of colorado Nepali community.

  4. About the publication of Souvenir of the organization

  5. About the formulation of Advisory committee  and fulfilment of the empty sports of BOD.

  6. And others

Agenda Discussed and Decided:

  1. The General Secretary Binaya Dahal welcomed all participants in the meeting and explained the agenda to be discussed. Everybody in the meeting presented their views in each agenda and helped to decide it.

  2. President Mr.Binod Raj Traphathi chaired the meeting.

  3. Vice- President Mr. Mani Raj Basnet/ Picnic coordinator thanked everybody for the great helped on the picnic program of 2019 and he presented picnic cost of expenditure.

  4. Cultural Secretary Utsuk Adhikari is out from the meeting but still he has agreed to be a coordinator of Dashain Tihar program. Dashain Tihar program date is decided at october,19 th Saturday. Shambujeet Baskota and Bhagwan Bhandari will be the celebrity of this  program and Board has also decided to ask for help with local artists for their performance without any cost.

  5. Board has been decided to collect the family and individual data of the nepalese community of Colorado people and Public Relation officer Mr. Ramgopal Shrestha has been nominated as a coordinator of this programme. He will be picked to any people from the community and from the BOD according to the need.

  6. Board has been decided to publish organizational souvenir, Vice-President Mr.Mani Raj Basnet was nominated as a chief editorial board  and Mr.secretary Binaya Dahal nominated a member of the Board of editors.

  7.  Board has decided to nominate Mr. Meghmani Ghimire a reputed social worker in a colorado Nepali community as a BOD of RMFN for the time of 2019-2021 and he will be welcome for the next meeting, a big congratulations to Mr. Ghimire for the success of his dynamic job in the organization.

  8. Board has been decided a permanent types of advisory board committee, all the past presidents are eligible to be a member and propose them by sending the request letter and also Board has decided to purpose Mr. Padam Bishwakarma will be a member of the advisory board for the time 2019-2021.

  9. Mr. President purpose to everybody to make the life members for the organizational economic development and all agreed about it. 

  10. The chairman for the meeting Mr.Binod Raj Traphathi thanked everyone and ended the Meeting.

Thank you


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